• Bored Piles 1

  • Bored Piles 2

  • Batching Plant 3

  • Pile Load Test 4 Option1

  • Foundation Civil works 5

  • Vibro Compaction 6

  • Vibro Stone Columns 7(Wet method)

  • Vibro Stone Columns 7 (Dry method)

  • Ground Anchors 9

  • Ground Anchors 10

  • Deep Soil Mixing 11

  • Jet Grounting

  • Soil Investigation15

  • Soil Investigation15

  • Soil Investigation15

Keller is one of the world's leading International Geotechnical Contractors


From its origin in 1860 to the present day, Keller has above all been built on two principles – engineering excellence and a commitment to continual innovation. Keller's business is the solution of soil and foundation problems for the construction industry. From operating centres in all five continents, Keller has proved its capability in virtually every country in the world.

Keller's services are used across the entire construction spectrum from industrial, commercial and housing projects to infrastructure construction for dams, tunnels, transportation and water treatment. Keller is also a specialist in rehabilitation works and the protection of soils and ground water from environmental damage.


  • Deep Bored Piles for pier foundations at Cochin Metro, Kerala.


  • Bored Piling for New Terminal at Cochin Airport, Kerala.
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